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Layers - June 2011

In a separate story called “Music Writing and the Creative Process,” posted on the Upside Lowdown, Cheryl describes how we write our music together. From spring of 2010 until mid 2011, we wrote and recorded the music and words for our CD, Layers. For those of you who like to follow along with the words, here they are. You can also go directly to the music by clicking on the title of each song, or find the songs along with related stories in our post called “Just Music.”

Layers (the song)

Underneath it all
Where no one can see
My life is made up of layers
Each one built upon the other

Hidden far from view
Barely out of reach
Memories of graceful, simple moments
Concealed, covered over

Happenings and incidents
Haphazardly arranged
Occasion upon circumstance
Ordered by each subtle change

All align and press together
Until they are countless layers deep

Gathered, stacked upon each other
Scarcely separate layers

Unbeknownst to you
Unrecognized by me
Sometimes I find that I am
Unaware of all the layers

Color everything I do
My life is made up of layers
Each one as it’s meant to be

Morning Glory

Ten years had come and gone
I felt completely empty
Without a single word left
The taste of dryness lingered in my mouth
My words had all run out

Then on a day in June
Finally the drought was over
Rather than dusty days
The morning rain filled up my well again
And from then I began writing again

It just came along
As though it belonged
I became entranced
Fingers danced on the strings
Morning glory song
Up until that day I had nothing left to say

Tomorrow and then beyond
I’ll wait for my inspiration
Taking a bite of life
I will taste the words that linger in my mouth
See what songs spill out

Though it may seem sometimes
The songwriting days are over
Even when words evade me
Soon enough they’re coming ‘round again
Once again I’ll begin writing again

It will come along
Just as though it belongs
I’ll become entranced
As fingers dance on the strings
Morning glory song
There will come a time and a day
I have something more to say
Morning glory song

There will come a day when I will have something to say
Morning glory song

Sound of Goodbye

No “Please come back, please don’t go”
There wasn’t any plea – not a single promise
The only thing that I heard was
The sound of goodbye

No taking back the words I said
Surely no one means what they say in anger
But piercing through all those words is
The sound of goodbye

Still I regret the things I said
Careless with fragile memories
If I could only have another chance
Then maybe we’d still be friends

I know there’ll be no second chance
Since you likely won’t trust me again

No late night calls, nothing to say
Since you don’t want to hear just how much I miss you
So when I’m all alone, sometimes I cry
The sound of goodbye


Taking Flight  

Running in the night, trying to take flight
Breaking loose from everything
That has held me captive

Barefoot on the dew, taking every clue
I feel my feet above the ground
Rarely, barely touching down

Letting go of old ways
Making room for some change
Playing hide and seek with gravity
Hardly ever touching down

Playing hide and seek with gravity
Hardly ever touching down

Running like a child, forever free and wild
Shooting stars are in my eyes
All I see is promise

Taking to the air, breezes in my hair
Reaching out for everything
I can catch with open arms

Rarely, barely touching down
Hardly ever touching down

Standing Still

Standing still, against the wind
Somehow taking and then remaking
What comes to me
That’s just the way I do things
Guess I always will
Yet it looks as if I am

Standing still, yet again
Acting as though I am who I was
Like I’ve always been
No matter what you think
Or how it may appear
You can be sure that I am standing still

Whether there are days my heart is dancing
Times when I cannot be brought back down to earth
Not for a minute
Glad to say that I’m still in it

Or even when my heart is broken
Times so tough that I can hardly catch my breath
When nothing seems clear
Have to admit that I’m still in here

Glad to say that I’m still in it

Standing still, always will
Feeling as though I am becoming
Who I am to be
In spite of or maybe because
Whatever comes my way
Ceaselessly moving, I am standing still
Once again

Though my heart is dancing
Or broken
I am standing still

I Found You

After all I’ve been through
Wondered when I’d find you
Someone whom
I could give my heart

Searched the whole world over
Hoping to discover
Someone with whom
I could share my life

Now my days are better than they were before
Once my nights were lonely, they’re not anymore
I found places inside, wholly unexplored
Once I found you
Since I found you

From this moment on
I will always be there for you
Simply call my name
I will be right by your side

The gift you’ve given me:
To see me through your eyes

If you ask me whether
I believe in forever
If there’s someone
Destined just for me

For so long, I waited
And if it is fated
That someone
Was waiting just for me

Well, I have no answer, how it came to be
But I found you
I found you
You found me too

Turn Around

Well, there you go again
God knows where you’ve been
What on earth are you looking to find

No matter where you go
Doesn’t feel like home
You’re just wasting all of your precious time

If you . . . only turn around
What you search for is right here
Already found
But you are so busy leaving
In your haste
You don’t hear me
Won’t take time to turn around

What on earth are you still looking to find

If you . . . would only turn around
What you search for is right here
Already found

So when you’ve had enough leaving
Weary and worn
Then you might just hear me
When you finally turn around

What you’re looking for is here
Already found
Waiting when you turn around


You insist with such certainty
But your words leave no space
There’s just one way to be
Though it doesn’t really bring you joy
Is there another choice
I ask and you say “Mine”

Tired of trying with nothing gained
Though we’re on the same side
It still feels like a fight again
Maybe better not to talk at all
So when the silence falls
Then the distance suits me fine

I remember the day we met
How it felt like I found my hero
We made promises hard to forget
Now they seem so hollow

Were those promises real or imagined
Hopeful or hopelessly empty

Once a friend seems an enemy
Who we are is so far
From who we used to be
Though we grieve the loss of what we had
Wouldn’t it be sad to find
That we’re running out of time
Well that just suits me fine
If your answer’s always “mine”


Short In the Wire

Just before my head clears
Right before my eyes slowly adjust to the light
There’s an uneasy feeling I’ve lost my way
That I shouldn’t be here

Maybe I was asleep
Right before my bare feet touch the cold floor
There’s that feeling again: I don’t belong
That I shouldn’t be here

Seems like it was only yesterday
No one could stop me
There was nothing in my way

Walking on air, how lucky could I get
Everybody—a friend I hadn’t met
As good as it gets

Only hope I don’t wake up from this dream
Life somehow is not quite what it seems
I just don’t want to fall

Then there’s a short in the wire
And I notice the spark is cold to my touch
There’s an uneasy feeling I’ve lost my way
Gone completely astray
I’m falling again
Trying hard to hold on
Find out just where I belong


Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine
Trading woe and misery line for line
Or tell me a tale that will break my heart
When you nearly fell apart, but made it through

Or reminisce about a romance
How you found a love you thought was lost
Then I’ll bring us both to tears of sadness
When I tell you my love has gone

But even though we are strangers
We share fears and anger
Washed and then released
By telling one another what we’ve lived through

If we hold on to our stories
Deeply sad or tales of glory
Trapped, without escape
We become only storytellers

Trapped, without escape
Nothing more than storytellers

Weave me a story and I’ll listen well
Follow every word you have to tell
Open my fingers, let the tale sift through
Since no part is really me or you


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