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Following is our virtual CD, which was our original way of sharing new music, posted immediately after writing and recording in our home studio—exactly as it happened on that day. However, as of August 1, 2013, we opened a new site which not only includes the latest music, but ALL of our music beginning in 1999. Join us there for the complete “Musical Story,” an ongoing collection of music, stories, photos, and drawings notating our “ride of a lifetime” journey. The doorway into our world is only a click away:


We hope you enjoy our ongoing musical story of love, life, relationship and change.

Latest Releases – CDs – Collections of songs:

1. Layers – The Musical Story – June 17, 2011 – available at the iTunes store. Once you are in the store, just type in “uncommonpromise” and it will take you to the Layers CD and all of our other music as well.

Latest Releases – Individual songs and stories:

1. Timepieces—November 12, 2012

2. Good Intentions—October 29, 2012

3. Hungry Again—October 14, 2012

4. Fires of Passion—September 1, 2011

5. Secret Passages—August 17, 2011

6. Caterpillar Blues—August 9, 2011—First song Em ever wrote at age 16, previously unrecorded. Related links: Caterpillar Blues Story, Caterpillar Blues Video

7. Layers—June 15, 2011—related links: Layers, Layers and More Layers Story, Layers CD

8. Taking Flight—June 5, 2011—related links: Layers CD

9. Standing Still—May 30, 2011, Layers CD

10. I Found You—May 3, 2011—related links: We Should Be Committed, Layers CD

11. Short In the Wire—April 29, 2011—related links: Short In the Wire, Layers CD

12. Storytellers—January 21, 2011—related links: Act Fast—Offer Expires at Midnight, Layers CD

13. Sound of Goodbye—September 13, 2010—related links: The Sound of  Goodbye Story, Layers CD

14. Mine—August 30, 2010—related links: Mine story, Layers CD

15. Turn Around—August 11, 2010—related links: Turn Around story, Layers CD

16. Morning Glory—June 22, 2010—related links: Morning Glory story, “Note”-able Moments, The Sound of a New Era, Layers CD

You may also enjoy visiting our other websites:

The Journey – The Ride of a Lifetime

Cheryl and Emerson Music

Uncommon Promise Video Channel

Uncommon Promise Story, Music and Art

The UP Side Lowdown by Cheryl

In Touch In Tuscany


About cheryl & emerson

The Ride of a Lifetime! After sixteen years of trying to live in Italy as "true Italians," we set out to write a book about our experiences. As it turns out, we ended up doing a lot more than just writing a book because we decided that to capture the essence, we really needed music, poetry, drawings, videos and more. So, that's exactly what we did. You can find our complete body of work at www.uncommonpromise.wordpress.com. We hope you can visit us from time to time—let us know what your personal adventure looks like. Perhaps we can all glean some inspiration to go out and write a new chapter in our own stories! Wishing you the best, Cheryl and Emerson
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