In Touch in Tuscany

The Idea

“Maybe we should collaborate! After Scott‘s wonderful 10-day visit with us in Tuscany, that simple phrase about a collaboration appeared in an e-mail. Hmmm . . . our curiosity was piqued, so we tacked on a p.s. at the end of our response saying, “By the way, what is it you were thinking when you mentioned a ‘collaboration’?” A week later a message appeared in our mailbox, punctuated with an attachment, entitled Proposal.

Scott the Inspirational Leader

Scott the Inspirational Leader

First, you need to know that Scott is a very sincere and sensitive person, who also happens to be an incredible thinker, speaker and inspirational leader. He has spent his life working to bring more soulful living into people’s lives and infuse joy into the every-day. It’s his mantra. After his visit with us this spring, he had been secretly cooking up the idea about the possibility of the 4 of us (he and his wife, Marti, along with the 2 of us) convening a retreat in Italy in 2011. He shared his idea in his invitational email message. What an exciting collaborative adventure! What synchronicity! We had quietly been considering and talking about the very same idea! You know what they say about great minds.

Cheryl's Picture for the Site Graphic

If you know us at all, you wouldn’t be surprised to find us taking the proposal and running with it. That evening, we were already on it. The first thing we always consider is . . . how can we expand this idea? Well, that is exactly what we did on that last day of July, 2010. We ran headlong into the field of possibilities!

Just down the hill from our place is the beautiful Villa Il Trebbiolo. Tucked into a hillside, at the end of a cypress-lined drive, it really is the perfect setting for conferences and retreats. It is bucolic, inspirational, idyllic. Would the first retreat become the first of many? An annual event? Or maybe more than once per year with various topics? It’s even possible to imagine different speakers and organizations using the facility and format that we are developing.

In Touch in Tuscany was born that evening over dinner. The idea of creating an umbrella organization to sponsor such events seemed natural. Within the next few days we had a few dreaming/scheming sessions with Scott and Marti. Together, we wrote the announcement of the first event:

Rediscovering the Fire of Everyday Life presented by Dr. R. Scott Colglazier.

Simply click on this In Touch in Tuscany link and we will magically (okay, techologically) whisk you into dreamy possibilities of a new adventure, soulful interactions and quiet reflective time. We will see you there!

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About cheryl & emerson

The Ride of a Lifetime! After sixteen years of trying to live in Italy as "true Italians," we set out to write a book about our experiences. As it turns out, we ended up doing a lot more than just writing a book because we decided that to capture the essence, we really needed music, poetry, drawings, videos and more. So, that's exactly what we did. You can find our complete body of work at We hope you can visit us from time to time—let us know what your personal adventure looks like. Perhaps we can all glean some inspiration to go out and write a new chapter in our own stories! Wishing you the best, Cheryl and Emerson
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